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APEL.M Policy

The APEL.M is applicable to local and international learners who have completed microcredentials that are relevant to the accredited programmes. Only learners who have completed the following percentage of micro-credentials may apply for admission via the APEL.M:

a) Learners who have completed at least 50%* of the total graduating credits of the intended programme via micro-credentials which are unbundled from the

accredited programme from one HEP or multiple HEPs.

b) Meet the minimum age requirements as stipulated in the APEL.A for the various levels of qualifications under the MQF.

c) Applicants who are admitted via the APEL.M must fulfil the minimum age of graduation stipulated in the GGP MC. However, in exceptional cases, the

highest academic board (i.e., Senate) of the HEP may permit a lower-age learner to graduate.

* Total 50% of the total graduating credits are NOT inclusive MPU subjects.