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What is APEL.Q

The Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is a systematic process involving the identification, documentation, and assessment of learning based on prior experiences.

Eligible candidates are awarded academic qualifications based on the assessment of knowledge acquired from formal education, work experiences, life experiences, and/or a collection of short courses.


Individuals (both citizens and non-citizens) who meet the minimum period of relevant work experience (>20 years for master’s level programs)

General Policy

1. All individuals, whether Citizens or Non-Citizens, are eligible to apply as student candidates subject to the established minimum requirements.

2. Candidate applications must fulfill the minimum requirements.

MQF LevelQualificationMinimum Years if Relevant Work Experience
3Certificate5 years
4Diploma10 years
5Advanced Diploma12 years
6Bachelor15 years
7Master20 years
8Doctorate25 years

3. Assessment of prior experiential learning – knowledge, skills, competencies, expertise (formal, non-formal & informal)

4. Programs that have obtained Full Accreditation

5. Assessment: separate for each program [based on program learning outcomes/competencies]

6. All fields of study & all levels of MQF qualifications except for 100% research programs

7. Professional Programs – subject to approval by professional bodies Higher Education Providers (HEPs) that have succeeded in the assessment of APEL.Q

implementation will be recognized as APEL.Q

8. Assessment Centers and awarded accreditation certification valid for a period of 5 years.